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The Koh Chang Sun The Secret History of Koh Chang

The Secret History of Koh Chang


27 Sep 2013

by Robert

Ever wonder why Koh Chang was not developed until just recently? Koh Chang has a secret history… and now you will know why that up until the late 1990s the island was just a place for Thai fisherman and farmers with little tourism. There was a very good reason, and it all starts in Cambodia in the mid 1970s.

*The man above with a gun is a Khmer Rouge soldier on the day Phnom Penh was overtaken, and he and his cohorts have a very direct impact on this story.

In the mid 1970s Lonely Beach on Koh Chang was discovered by the backpacker crowd – and it was a very lonely beach; the only way in was by boat from the mainland. Of course this undeveloped area soon became a bit of a secret mecca for the adventurous and those wanting a slice of the real, down home, native Thai culture. And so a few westerners came to the island, but very few knew about any of the problems on the mainland. Not many knew anything at all about the quiet little war that was going on with Cambodia and then with Vietnam for over two decades…

viaThe Koh Chang Sun The Secret History of Koh Chang.

viaThe Koh Chang Sun The Secret History of Koh Chang.