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South German Beef Stew – Gaisburger Marsch

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Gaisburger Marsch – traditional Swabian Beef Stew
The meat, cooked in a strong beef broth, is cut into cubes and served with cooked potatoes and Spätzle. The broth is poured over the dish before topping with golden-brown onions fried in butter. (if someone don’t like Spätzle (handmade noodles) can also order a roll or a Bretzel.
Zur Zubereitung wird eine kräftige Rinderbrühe mit Ochsenfleisch und Suppengrün gekocht. Das Fleisch wird in Würfel geschnitten und mit gekochten Kartoffeln und Spätzle auf einem Teller angerichtet. Die heiße Brühe wird darüber gegossen und mit in Butter goldbraun gebratenen Zwiebeln sowie gehackter Petersilie serviert.


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Our Bestseller: Schnitzel(pork) with fries

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Handmade Schnitzel, fresh pork from butcher at the morning market with French Fries, our absolute Bestseller at Tommys Restaurant, Ban Chang-Rayong, Thailand.

Come and taste it, you will not leave Tommys Restaurant hungry, 100% for sure…

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Football – Championship 2014 Brazil

2014, the year of the Soccer – Worldchampionship in Brazil !!

We show all the games LIVE and also time-displaced here at Tommys Restaurant, Ban Chang, Thailand.


Our Food: different pot raost, noodlesald, potatosalad, fingerfood and Thaifood

Our Music: Partytime

Our Guests: Good mood needed

Start: 7pm    –    End: ???

Location: Tommys Restaurant, Ban Chang

Fried Meatloaf with roasted Potatoes and fried Egg

A typical german meal, fried meatloaf, rosted potatoes and fried egg. Simple to cook, but a graet taste, healthy and it makes you full……

Erdinger,Tommys,Tommys Restaurant,Ban Chang,Rayong,Thailand

Together with a german whitebeer like Erdinger, what you want more?

You can join it at Tommys Restaurant, Ban Chang.

SMOKED BACON PLATE at Tommys Restaurant, Ban Chang

Come and taste our new Smoked Bacon Plate with 150gr. different kind of smoked bacon, like Black Forest Bacon, Boar, Deer or Nutbacon. Served with butter, bread, rolls or brezels.

And this all together for fair price of 180Bt

Tommys Restaurant, Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand